Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back Up!

Hello everyone, we haven't been posting about it much but yesterday we had our third session of class on blades and traps. We had 27 students and luckily 6 TA's (teacher's assistants). We went on a field trip to the Jade Oni and had 7 groups with 4 in each, so it was a great success. 

Our next class will be on Wednesday, email me at for more information if you would like to come. We only have 30 seats so first come, first serve and we will be learning how to use prisms accurately. We would also like to have at least 5 TA's, 10 is our limit.

We will also be electing J.A.D.E Academy student body president on Friday, we have 7 nominees. We also need 2 more shield teachers, but the we are very happy to announce J.A.D.E currently has 23 staff members. Hope to see you there!

-Justin Shadowblade
J.A.D.E Headmaster

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